Hello there.

I'm Gregor Smith, and if you take the vowels out of that you get grgrsmth. I think it's quite a nice moniker, as these sort of things go. I'm just graduated with first class honours from a BA Journalism (Investigative) degree at the University of Lincoln, and now I'm looking for a job.

Journalism has always appealed to me as a more interesting career path, although I've since realised it's less of a career path and more of a job ramble. It's also opened me up to meeting lots of interesting people (from a man who test parrots to the leader of the Labour Party) and do lots of things I never thought I'd do (like design this website).

In my first weeks at university, I also got involved in comedy (presumably as an alternative to getting involved in drugs or something more constructive). Again, it was something I surprisingly enjoyed doing. I've done several stand-up sets with the rest of the university's comedy society, launched a successful radio show, filmed video sketches, reviewed comedy gigs, and was elected three times as the society's Communications Officer (although apparently only the last one counted).

On top of all that, I own a Nikon D5300 DSLR camera, which has meant that every now and then, I end up taking photos of things. Some of them can be found on this website.

This is an online habitat where the work I do can come and thrive, or come and languish, if it so pleases. I'd love it if you could have a look around.

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